diy maternity pants

Congratulations ladies!!! On this segment, I’ll demonstrate 2 different types of maternity pants, one with an inset and another with a knit waistband.

The first type has an elastic inset to replace the pockets and the zipper remains functional.

The Second type replaces the waistband with a stretch knit fabric.

To create this look we’ll begin by cutting out the entire pocket.

Using a 3” width elastic, place the pocket along the edge of the elastic, fold and cut. This will give you a piece of elastic that is 2x bigger than that of the pocket.

Use the elastic as a pattern to cut the knit. Information about the fabric is listed below the video)

Place the elastic and knit together and insert the pieces with the knit facing the back of the pants, align the top edge along the jean’s waistline and pin around the pockets. Pinning might be challenging because of the bulk, so it’s best to use sturdier pins, such as quilting pins.

You can either hand-sew or machine stitch to secure the pieces in place ( when hand-stitching use a studier, reinforced stitch) You can find the tutorial for the video link below.

The second type replaces the waistband with a knit fabric

Cut out the waist band, begin cutting from the front then continue to the back.

Now to find the CB of the waistband, which is located in the area of the label tag.

fold the waistband, clip in the center then cut through

Using the same knit fabric. For the width of the fabric take the waistband measurement + 4”. The length can be anywhere from 18” to 25”. This depends on the length of your torso and preference. The knit will fold over, so the excess fabric is there for that reason

Fold the fabric, where the wrong side is facing up.

Fold and place the cut waistband about 2” away from the bottom edge.

Using a ruler mark off an inch from the edge of cut waistband.

Extend an inch from the edge of the CB. ( place an arrow pointing to CB)
Now Extend a line upwards anywhere between 15-18”.
Mark the fold as CF and cut away the excess on the fabric
PIN the CB right sides together and either hand stitch or machine stitch on the seam allowance.
Take the waistband and match the CB seams right sides together, pin and machine stitch or hand stitch.