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DIY Pillowcase

February 4, 2017


This segment is great for beginners sewers!  If your looking for an easy sewing project to start your journey look no further.

You’ll need:

Fabric – Cotton medium weight

Fabric-cotton-light (optional) for lining

Thread to match





  1. Begin by measuring your pillow seam to seam.
  2. Take the measurement add 1/2″ and that becomes your new measurement. For instance my pillow was 18″ x 18″.  I added my seam allowance and got 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″
  3. The back of the pillowcase project will need 2 pieces. Please follow this equation: Take the width + seam allowance of the pillow( Mine is 18 1/2″ divide in half to get 9 1/4″) Take 9 1/4″ + 4=13 1/4″
  4. The  2 back pieces of my pillowcase are 18 1/2″ W x 13 1/4″ L





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