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How To Roast Vegetables

February 11, 2017
How To Roast Vegetables

How To Roast Vegetables

On today’s segment I’ll show you how to roast vegetables. If your trying to lose weight one of the best things that you can do is to consume more vegetables. Vegetables are filling, contain tons of full of fiber and have massive amounts of nutrients. On average, most people don’t get enough vegetables in their daily diet. Longterm this can present an issue and lead to serious health concerns.  Roasting is one the earliest methods of cooking and still remains the healthiest.   If it can make a chicken, turkey or roast taste amazing then it can do the same for vegetables. Most weight lose diets place strong emphasis on eating several servings of vegetables a day. In fact, beginning a meal with a salad or a serving of veggies will deter you from relying on excessive carbohydrates.

The recipe in this segment is super easy and healthy!  I’m using brussel sprouts, cauliflower, carrots and shallots, however you can roast any vegetable to give them more flavor and depth.



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