Patternmaking Tools

In order to produce good quality patterns it’s essential to have the right tools. Patternmaking tools, such as rulers can last  as long they are well taken care of. Many of the miscellaneous items can be purchased at most retail stores. I’ve provided a link for pattern making supplies/tool that are not easily accessible.

1. Paper scissors : Use different scissors for paper & fabric cutting

2. Fabric scissors

3. Red pencil

4. Blue pencil

5. Cutting mat

6. 18 x 2″ clear plastic ruler

7. Tailor’s Square: 24 x 14″ L-shaped metal ruler

8. French curve ruler- This is essential for shaping armholes and necklines.

9. Hip curve ruler- Curves waistlines, shapes hemlines and lapels

10. Hanger hooks or ringers: These hold patterns together.

11. Push pin: Needed for pattern manipulation. Can be purchased at staples or any stationary store.

12. 3M Scotch tape

13. Notcher

14. Pointed tracing wheels

15.  Awl: Pierces 1/8″ hole in the pattern to indicate the dart apex, trim or buttonhole placement.

16.  Metal weights: Keeps patterns in place for tracing and marking

17. Metal-tipped measuring tape.

18: Pattern paper or gift wrapping paper-

19. Muslin-: Plain woven cotton resembling linen. Made from bleached or unbleached yarn in different weights: